Brazilian Hairstylist Salon.

Considered by the London market as one of the best Brazilian beauty places, Brazilian Hairstylist was opened in Brazil in the city of Vitoria-Espirito Santo in 1995 and is under the command of Hairstylist Renner Menezzes. 

In 2005 this space was expanded to the Jardim Paulista region in the city of Sao Paulo, becoming a renowned beauty center in the great skyscraper Sao Paulo. Brazilian Hairstylist is totally focused on guaranteeing its customers unique experiences and incredible results bringing the best of Brazil in terms of beauty. It is one of the most respected spaces with beauty professionals in Brazil.

inside Brazilian Hairstylist


With all the explosion of world technology taking over the markets, maintaining this space of beauty only in Brazil would not be viable for business, that’s when the visionary owner decided to bring the business to London, where is one of the biggest european markets involving beauty. 

After 25 years in the market, ahead of the Brazilian Hairstylist, the capixaba Renner Menezzes has already taken care of a great selection of hair as a reference. Consecrated by the peaked, sexy and modern hair, and voluminous and afro hair treatments. 

Brazilian Hairstylist Today.

Today already renowned in the London market, the space started in Notting Hill in West London, bringing the best of Brazil in terms of beauty to London customers.

Right now the space is located in the center of London, the “West End-Soho”. A space with totally private rooms, spacious, with garden and super cozy bringing you the best experience and professionalism in a day of beauty.

In addition, our salon offers all of the finest products from Wella, L’Oreal, Olaplex, Majirel, Shwartzkopf, Kerastase and Redken.

Our mission is to have a totally professional space focused on the integrity of the hair shaft. We are completely dedicated to offering the specific treatment for each type of hair, adapting each treatment to each type of client, bringing you into a large family. Come and make your appointment, it will be a pleasure to assist you.